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! Lavori in Corso !

Eh si, bella gente! Perché anche se il tempo non abbonda io vi penso un sacco e adoro il mio piccolo angolo di blogosfera 😊
Ed è veramente tempo di personalizzarlo un po’! Vedrete quindi presto apparire un’immagine di testata tutta nuova e fatta appositamente per me da un bravissimo disegnatore 🙂
Non vi anticipo altro, attendo poi i vostri giudizi!!



7 risposte a "! Lavori in Corso !"

  1. At a Marina

    She walks back from the beach victorious, having
    scored two of the finest rolled buritos to go with the
    usual six pack, Jack, crunchy snacks She looks briefly at
    fleeting passersby who glance into her soft eyes as she
    extends her stride. Suddenly, summer. Your Danzi thrusts
    across the bay. On a hill by the lake, pastoral love brings
    back memories, but you’re here to make a new present, not
    to wallow in the past. According to her own reports, she’s
    going to be understanding, strict, unyielding, happy, in control
    and in command, which means she expects you to shed your
    ego and pull into her marina, but your Danzi is built for two, so
    our friends will have to ski in this wild, untamed watercourse.
    You’d better “set the controls for the heart of the sun”
    because this Siren has extra large ambition and it will
    be your job to reel her in, or hitch on to a ride that may
    soar or crash. How did she find you? Does she have any idea?
    Where will her friends allow her to go? Three arches tower
    over ancient universal doorways. Two types of lovers play
    in peace, away from the ravages dealt to those living over
    oil. You pull in, she welcomes, thinks, wonders, imagines.

    Mi piace

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